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The Disappointing Snowfall

When did the weather people decide to start naming winter storms?  I understand the concept of naming hurricanes and such, massive storm fronts that can do enough damage to almost wipe a city off of the map are something that … Continue reading

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Veronica’s Mason Jar

Regardless of what Veronica says about me not managing to give her anything on her birthday the truth is that I still kind of feel like a jerk about it.  I would be lying if I said that this feeling … Continue reading

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Do the Drink

It might not mean much to others, but the truth of the matter is that our vending machine at work hasn’t had Mountain Dew in it for months and this has been bothering me. It isn’t so much that the … Continue reading

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itty bitty

Things happen.  Veronica and I are no longer the proud owners of a flying squirrel.  Not something that I really want to go into, because I wasn’t happy with the way that everything went down dealing with it.  Needless to … Continue reading

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Having a friend text you at work and tell you that his webpage, that you host and run all of the tech support on, has been hacked is not something that anyone wants to hear at the end of a … Continue reading

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