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Jinxy in our Lives

For those of you who may have missed the series of escalating announcements on Facebook, email, Twitter, and I am pretty sure Veronica driving by everyone’s homes and screaming out the passenger side of a moving car, we now own … Continue reading

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Birthday Puppy

The story of how my parents ended up with their new dog, (George) Lucas is kind of interesting.  The problem being that I am not entirely sure how to start the story.  Veronica’s aunt ended up with a dog that … Continue reading

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Itty Bitty’s New Cage

There are two things that I am proud of in my marriage.  The first is that Veronica now enjoys the cold weather, or as she puts it, “Oh no… I am now one of you!”—which, thanks babe that makes me … Continue reading

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Doctor Doolittle

Two days after Halloween I had some errands that I needed to run after work.  Oddly I decided that what I really wanted to do was to simply head home and relax for a bit, also I needed to poop … Continue reading

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Introducing Barbados

We went out and got Chaz supplies yesterday.  The entire time Veronica walked around the store acting like she needed something to love.  Oddly she seemed to bond the best with a parrot that was around, to the point that … Continue reading

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