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The New Wife Agro System

I run a video game focused website, aside from this one which is more about every day adventures in a language that my mom can read.  Over the course of time I have talked about the highs and the lows and most … Continue reading

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The Lines of E3

What would this site be without me complaining about a minor detail of something that I, over all, really enjoyed?  Thus let me talk about the lines that where at E3. The above image is when the workers at the … Continue reading

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Geek Awards

So I am a giant, massive geek.  I don’t think that anyone who comes to this blog with any amount of frequency would deny that.  The problem is that there are even bigger geeks than I, and these people always … Continue reading

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One of the few (good) childhood memories I have of my brother and I hanging out and not fighting about something is when we would play Super R-Type on the SNES (you can tell it is for the Super Nintendo … Continue reading

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Learning the meaning of Sorrow

So, I wasn’t nearly as hardcore a gamer when I was a child. I would suspect that this would be true of any human, save possible Henry Rollins, that is that one should grow into being completely obsessed with things. … Continue reading

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