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Pig Roast 2017

Normally there are loads of images and stories that I can regale the world with when I walk away from the pig roast.  This year was slightly different in the fact that it was difficult to take pictures during, mainly … Continue reading

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My Father’s Computer

My parents have always been early adopters of technology; back when the internet was something that you had to connect through three different phone numbers that would each bounce off each other, pay long distance charges, wait about half an … Continue reading

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Birthday Puppy

The story of how my parents ended up with their new dog, (George) Lucas is kind of interesting.  The problem being that I am not entirely sure how to start the story.  Veronica’s aunt ended up with a dog that … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk about Jam

A couple of years ago I wrote an thing that basically said that the process of making jam is not free, please bring back your mason jars in a timely manner so that we don’t have to replace them every … Continue reading

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Grandchild Collage

Half really creepy, half super endearing, all clearly done by my mother—the first thing that anyone visiting my parent’s will see is a grand mural of my mom’s favorite photo of the grandchildren.  Every time that I visit it is … Continue reading

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