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Pig Roast 2017

Normally there are loads of images and stories that I can regale the world with when I walk away from the pig roast.  This year was slightly different in the fact that it was difficult to take pictures during, mainly … Continue reading

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My Brother Shops for Beer

I hate shopping.  If you were to ask my wife what is the worst three things in the world to do with me she would probably name every imaginable form of shopping while continually tell you to simply not do … Continue reading

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Christmas for Me

I make fun of my wife on this site; I point out the whimsical way that she decides to address the world on a daily basis, I draw parallels to her choices and those of small children, and if she … Continue reading

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Veronica and Christmas

Sometimes I wonder what I was doing before I met my wife, I assume much in the same way that blind people wonder what the big deal about color is.  A perfect example of this is Christmas, a holiday that … Continue reading

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There are these things in the world called temptations.  I don’t know about other people, but for myself they pretty much boil down to my wife making entire stockpiles of cookies and leaving them in the apartment for seemingly no … Continue reading

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