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Adventures in Texas

After almost two years apart, Stephen Williams and I managed to track each other down while I was passing through Texas so that we could find a Steak House in the middle of Dallas, eat a giant Steak, and then … Continue reading

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Deep in the Heart of Texas

So, after an amazingly long flight I ended up in Texas.  Ugh, really long story, it is like 2 AM in reality, but right now it is saying it is just before 1.  I am going to sleep.

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The mid-day Adventure, Tribute

I do have some kind of random post to throw up there, just like at varms when I have a really great article to throw up, but I don’t really have time to finish it at the moment, even though … Continue reading

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Bloody Frogs Ass

I know, I need to talk about video games more. Here is the adventure for the night: So I was in the bathroom, reading an old issue of Wired, and had just gotten to a random article that was about … Continue reading

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It’s part of ecosystem

Long walks on the beach during sun set are an amazing way to get your girlfriend to put out later that night. If you manage to take her out to dinner the deal is pretty much sealed. Well, most of … Continue reading

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