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Naples, the city of crime/pirates

On the way out the door we are encouraged: [not an exact quote, but pretty close] Naples is a wonderful city, one of the most densely populated in all of Italy, and there is a lot of shopping that we … Continue reading

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Learning the meaning of Sorrow

So, I wasn’t nearly as hardcore a gamer when I was a child. I would suspect that this would be true of any human, save possible Henry Rollins, that is that one should grow into being completely obsessed with things. … Continue reading

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So, there was another entry from an airport in New Jersey (home of the Jersey Devil and Chemical Plants), it was very long and had to do with how one family of three people can screw up the entire seating … Continue reading

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With Spirt and no Coffe, the First Leg of Travel

As I sit here in one of the worlds smaller international airports, I find myself wondering if a cup of coffee really is worth 5 dollars. Yes, I am tired. It is true that I couldn’t sleep last night because … Continue reading

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Lack of any updates

Just letting anyone that either reads this, or Varms, that I should be updating the site a lot more in the next couple of months, seeing as how I am going to be traveling a lot, and that was one … Continue reading

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