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People who have known me for years, outside of the questionable ramblings of the web, know that I had a strike fondness of only one soda in my life. For those of you who might be new to this entire … Continue reading

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An update this week too? LUCKY!

A couple of things have happened since the last time that I decided to update this little adventure fest that I call my life.  I got a new phone, got fired for no reason, have thought about apply for unemployment, … Continue reading

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Adventure… Kind of

Hey everybody, I went outside! That is all.

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The Crazy Hotdog Guy

While most people in the world can easily regale a story of their childhood at any given moment without much pause in the way of constructing an amazing and delightful story that one and all can enjoy, mine normally take … Continue reading

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This Kool-Aid is the Best

Before I really start on one of my trade-mark tirades about adventure and how I do in fact rule, I will happily take this time to announce that I have landed a writing gig, mainly through the constant updating of … Continue reading

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