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Did I do something wrong?

So Halo 3 came out, and you can even find an article that I wrote about it on, but the real important story is that Nippon Ichi released a new game: Soul Nomad and the World Eaters. Strangely when … Continue reading

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It’s the Flavor that kills you

I was hanging out with a friend of mine, who goes by the name of Evan, the other day when it was spontaneously and unanimously decided that we needed to go to the store and pick up “snacks”.  While most … Continue reading

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Gillman Family Pig Roast

While other families have annual events involving small gatherings and restaurants, my family invites the entire town and roasts a pig on a pole and asks everyone to bring something awesome to feast on.  In many ways this is just … Continue reading

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The road less traveled gets a lot of credit. Forest described it as over grown with weeds and brush, and it possibly had a guy with an ax walking around offering children candy. The problem with this ideal is that … Continue reading

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