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New Years

  Every year the New Years count-down, on every channel not just the one with Dick Clark, seems to get more and more terrible.  This year I swear that it the goal to just have a bunch of used-to-be celebrities … Continue reading

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I’m Batman

My in-laws are just now getting around to giving Veronica and I our Christmas presents, by which I of course mean that this is the first time that we have seen them since Thanksgiving. When prompted as to my interests … Continue reading

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Introducing Murphey

Don’t really know what to comment on this.  I think that Veronica might like her Christmas present. Also please note that she has the remote firmly captured in her hand with no signs of giving it up.

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A Christmas image

  At one point on Christmas eve Veronica, my mother, and I decided that it would be a good idea to go into Lake Placid to just walk around.  The bonus was that we had Chinese for lunch while everyone … Continue reading

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Three pictures plus another

People keep coming back to this blog for some random reason.  I don’t update, but I do post terrible pictures of my wife.  Today is no exception. This was Christmas dinner at my parents house.  Notice if you will, the … Continue reading

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