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An update by request

As per request, an update.

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Fox News

And some times people wonder why I refuse to vote for the Republican party. Side Note: No comment is really needed on voting republican. My mom taught me those people eat babies.

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Open mic night

Many of you may know that I go out to the bar on Wednesday nights to eat way to many chicken wings and drink as much beer as I can.  It turns out, after all these year (1) that  there … Continue reading

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Super speed

Even is possibly the calmest, easiest person in the world to take a photo of.  Justin Buck, Bucko, on the other hand seems to get the impression that a camera might be near him and starts to move at speeds … Continue reading

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Ready for the close up

Marital advice Godzilla started as a joke the night before I got married.  He has since found a home in the Buck residence where he wears a laser around one wrist, carries a drum stick in the other, and a … Continue reading

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