Monthly archives: February, 2008

Nothing witty today

Veronica and I have been hanging out with Jordan on a pretty regular basis at this point. No real story, just the front of his house while we are waiting for him to pull his shit together so we can go get food.

Worst chair EVER!

When Veronica and I first moved into our apartment we ate dinner at the kitchen table every single night.  After we had lived here for a couple of months that slowly started to drift into eating directly in front of the TV.  I am sure my brother has some witty response of that TV naturally …


Veronica’s sister is up for the next couple of days. I have been instructed that this means that we have the duty of entertaining her the best that we can. Veronica seems to think that this would involve me learning to juggle and honestly having some kind of an interest in showing off the area …

Rocking the Band

At a first glance it does look like Jordan is rocking our faces off in some interesting way.  On a closer glance it is quickly learned that this is, infact, Jordan playing Rock Band for the 360. Totally way to much effort for a video game, and please remember that this is coming from me.


  There is this random inside joke that is pretty impossible to explain.  Mainly it consists of someone jumping out and yelling “Spaghett!” and the other person not being scared at all.  Jordan and I must have done this way to many times because last night Veronica walked into the man cave and simply said, …