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So Proud

Some time around Easter my parents were given a chocolate chicken that seemed to be carefully hand painted with some kind of magical sugar paint.  The moment that this got back to my parents house their conversations started to rage … Continue reading

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Please stop spamming my site

For me it is kind of interesting how my days off normally turn into nothing that I really planned.  Today Veronica told me that we were going to the Auto Glass repair place due to the several cracks that snow … Continue reading

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Two things from work

It turns out that Veronica had never, ever seen the Muppet show.  The upside to this is that I managed to pick up a copy of the first Season at work on the cheap.  Now our nights are full of … Continue reading

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Finding time

The most interesting thing about going back to work after being amazingly unemployed for several months is how hard it is to find time to do anything besides stare at the wall and wonder softly to yourself, “Why am I … Continue reading

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Been busy

I know that I haven’t really updated the website for a couple of weeks.  The secret is that I have recently started a real job (shock) and that I am even more secretly management with several forms of responsibility, none … Continue reading

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