Monthly Archives: June 2008

Introducing Chaz

It has been awhile since I got a pet so I picked one up.  This is Chaz and he is a chinchilla.  He is also awesome.

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Ricky Fitts

Ricky has always been a very close family friend.  Last weekend he joined the few of us lucky enough to meet someone that we truly love and tell everyone we know that they should give us money and come to … Continue reading

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This year for my birthday Veronica got me two types of cake. Awesome.

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Another Soda Experiment

Long time readers (why) will remember that I have a thing about trying whatever random new soda people are trying to sell.  I am positive that some day this will result in me drinking “Poison Death Pain Clear Shasta” and … Continue reading

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Something nice

Veronica was doing a coffee run for my parents while my father was in the hospital for the first night, which is the same night that a massive storm ripped through northern New York and Vermont, and notice a dual … Continue reading

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