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Annoying Veronica, again

Today I brought Veronica left over Chinese for lunch.  Not much of a story, besides me being an awesome husband.  I just thought it was too good of a chance to not take a terrible picture of her.

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New Disgaea

The newest Disgaea came out recently.  I am currently trying to play the game to death in an effort to both enjoy it and write reviews on it. Also, three days isn’t a long time to go without a post.

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So Oreos are the snack that everyone loves, unless you are unable to enjoy chocolate and thus hate life.  A few years ago they came out with the double stuf ones that involve twice the frosting at the core.  This … Continue reading

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Free games

On the left you have Sam and Max: Freelance Police Season 2, and on the right you have Too Human.  Both of them are reviews that I gladly have due some time around Saturday of this week.  Next week I … Continue reading

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Dinner with Veronica’s Parents

The other day Veronica and I went to visit her parents at a house that they were renting for vacation.  When we got there it was nice and almost sunny out, and the view was beautiful as you could see … Continue reading

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