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Veronica and Tag Sales

At some point in her life Veronica clearly never learned the worth of a dollar.  This can be seen by the insanity that she comes home with from tag sales, things that most people would have thrown away under normal … Continue reading

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Red Hot

Veronica and I went on a walk the other day and passed by this hot dog stand.  As part of the random and normally free flow conversation we enjoy she asked me if I ever ate there.  I told her … Continue reading

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The aunts

It is rare that all of my Aunts of my Grandmother’s side gather in one place at one time.  In all honesty I believe that Veronica has been with me just long enough to witness this happen one time before. … Continue reading

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Pig Roast 2008, concluded

Last time I left on a cliff hanger. I did manage to get to work on time. Veronica showed up to the pig roast with party favors meant for the children.  There was some kind of “flying disc” thing (most … Continue reading

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Another Pig Roast

It is important to note that on the way to a pig roast one must get as many fluids into you before you arrive, because in all honesty there is a lot of beer that needs to be drunk once … Continue reading

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