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Hard Drives

No pictures today.  Even though I am enjoying Linux, the arrival of the new motherboard sometime next week makes me feel like any data that I place inside of Linux will just be formatted off. I still stick by my … Continue reading

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For some reason, recently, my computer has decided that it would rather not work with Windows, at all.  This is rather difficult because most of the things that I do with my computer involve it being on and working inside … Continue reading

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Number 4 is dead

“Hey Daniel, why is your 360 on the floor?” “Because it red ringed on me” That is right, another 360 just died.  This is the 4th one that I have had, making the one that I am about to go … Continue reading

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Never Again

So Veronica is at the laundromat doing our  laundry, as one normally does in such a place, when a kid walks in.  He asked if she had seen a lady in there earlier, she said no.  He then asked if … Continue reading

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Horror Movies

Watching the aforementioned “scary” movie, mainly because there is only enough entertainment after the super bowl to last me an hour.  I keep thinking to myself that there isn’t really anything worth watching in the movie.  I keep thinking to … Continue reading

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