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Insane Off Brand Cereal

Veronica has decided, recently, that instead of buying real cereal that she should only pick up the most off brand things that she could find.  9 times out of 10 they ended up being amazing and impossible to tell the … Continue reading

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Our Shower

Happy Spring. Now lets talk about my shower. This morning Veronica decided, for some unknown reason, to wake up at some unreasonably early hour.  She then came into the room complaining that the shower’s hot water wasn’t what it used … Continue reading

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More face pics

Because of the backlash about the last picture, I give you this one.

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Annoying Veronica

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More Time off

Veronica and I went to my parents house for dinner last night.  Several hours before arriving I received a rather cryptic phone call from my father telling me to either bring a large box or a laundry basket for meat … Continue reading

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