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The Taste of Barf

I do understand that this post is rather later than I was hoping to put it up, but after you see the pain and suffering that I went through hopefully you will understand.  I think that there might have been … Continue reading

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A Day of Rest?

After the experiences of the last post I thought that I might take it slow this time around and just do some weird candy and maybe a bowl of ramen.  Everyone should be happy to know that everything just couldn’t … Continue reading

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Fun Times With MSG

Sorry about the delay on the adventures of eating weird food.  My computer exploded.  No more excuses.  Here is more adventures in eating things. The above bag is full of jelly sticks.  Looking at this image makes you exactly as … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Ramune

As the first part of the greater adventure into random Asian food I thought a good place to start off would be talking about Ramune (something that every spellchecker I have argues isn’t a word). Ramune is basically Japanese soda, … Continue reading

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The Asian Food Experiment

It should be no surprise that we bought things at the Asian food mart.  What should be a surprise is how much we bought for as little as we did.  Everything from the famous soda Ramune to insane amounts of … Continue reading

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