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More Talk about Chickens

I love it when Veronica takes the camera and wanders around, it is kind of like on the nature shows where they strap recording devices to wild animals and we all get to see what it is like to be … Continue reading

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Stark’s Birthday

It is Stark’s Birthday today.  You should all wish him a happy birthday.  In light of this I am going to talk at some length about the trip to Burlington that he and I took on Saturday.  The restaurant that … Continue reading

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Terrible Candy, American

I am guessing that Veronica’s mother found the last couple of updates entertaining, because she sent a large bag of food up with her daughter for me to “talk about on the site.”   The first thing eaten was the squirrels … Continue reading

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So this is the last post about weird Asian food; mainly because all of the ramen I have is beef flavored, but also because Veronica basically gave me an “enough” speech today.  So now we end with the Shrimp Chips. … Continue reading

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