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Delay in content

I am heading down to North Carolina to help my brother move.  Things where a little last minute so the further updates are going to be delayed until I get back.  Don’t worry, you can always hit up my Twitter … Continue reading

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Random E3 Things

This picture was taken right before I went back to the hotel room on Wednesday due to a massive, massive migraine.  You see, it turns out that if you don’t drink any water for an entire day, and walk several … Continue reading

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It’s My Birthday!

My theory has always been that my birthday should be a national holiday.  That said today would be national Daniel Day.  Please make a note of it.

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The Lines of E3

What would this site be without me complaining about a minor detail of something that I, over all, really enjoyed?  Thus let me talk about the lines that where at E3. The above image is when the workers at the … Continue reading

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Updates about E3

Let me be perfectly clear about this, the only reason that I am writing this update is because Veronica is pretty set on making me do so.  At roughly 3:30 pm today was the first time in several days that … Continue reading

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