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Adventures in NYC

How does an adventure start? Wife: “Want to go to Long Island to visit my mom?  She is paying” Me: “Duh” If you can notice in this picture we are about to cross the George Washington Bridge.  Please take not … Continue reading

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The Little Great Flood

I think that God must have picked up on Veronica’s dislike of the downstairs neighbors and wanted to see if he could help her by flooding them out.  While it is always nice to know that the Big Man has … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s New Desk

So after the last post about Veronica going around and cleaning the entire house I decided that the only thing that I could really do to compete with that would be to clean the man cave, and to start with … Continue reading

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Typhoon Veronica

There are two interesting things about Veronica and spring cleaning.  The first is that it normally happens in the summer and not the spring.  The second is that instead of really cleaning she just decides that she is done with … Continue reading

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Chang Who?

So this update was supposed to be here awhile ago, but we lost the camera.  After Veronica found it we then could not find the cord to connect it to the computer.  Yesterday she managed to find the cord.  If … Continue reading

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