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My New Desk is a Bar

A couple of weeks ago Rich thought that it would be a wonderful idea to give Veronica and I an old bar that he had kicking around, proving that he clearly has the coolest stuff in the world “just kicking … Continue reading

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Bill’s Terrible Beverage

One of the things that my wife has been holding over my head since we moved down to Amsterdam is a magical place. A place so unbelievably wonderful that its selves could pour forth with endless wonder. This promise to … Continue reading

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Fun Times Breaking Things!

Probably the best thing for me to do is to start by exampling that Veronica and I have put everything that we own away, finally, after the move.  This involves coming across things that we had forgotten that we owned/we … Continue reading

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Evan Adventure

Most of you know Evan by this point.  He was around during my wedding and since we have been doing some of the stupidest things that we could possibly think of.  This is one of those stories. Any good adventure … Continue reading

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