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Children (Who Thankfully Aren’t Mine)

I know that this may be hard to believe, but at some point Veronica’s family decided that I was trustworthy enough to watch their children. They normally say things like I am “good with kids,” but I think it is … Continue reading

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This one is for my mom

So I did a little changing to the site, and I thought that I would need to point it out so that my mom would know what happened without freaking out.  You know, because every now and then she calls … Continue reading

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The Chins

Chinchillas are cute, they are super soft, and they sing a soft song when they are happy.  They are also massive jerks. Oddly my mom told me the other day that she was rather upset that I hadn’t been sharing … Continue reading

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Bear Feet

Being the sultan of timeliness, yet again, I have decided to talk about the trip that Veronica took to her mother’s house a couple of weeks ago. The above picture is something random that appeared on the camera.  Two days … Continue reading

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