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Death Blossoms

Around 4 PM yesterday I went downstairs to check the mail, yes I do leave the house if there is a chance that Netflix has sent me something I want to watch, and I found a rather interesting item simply … Continue reading

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Towely Art

Veronica likes projects.  When we where in Europe everyone very quickly learned that she does nothing very poorly. So it is always good when she can continually figure out something to fill up those down hours of her life. Recently … Continue reading

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The Dairy

For most people Amsterdam is just some place that you pass through without much thought, and for the most part there isn’t really a lot here that would hold the average person for more than a couple of hours– at … Continue reading

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Ramen Oddity

I have talked before, at length, about my love of ramen.  I will pretty much eat the stuff whenever it is thrown at me, and it is entirely rarer for me to find fault with any one unit then it … Continue reading

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You win this round weather

So I have been feeling kind of depressed recently, probably from the fact that my wife found an amazing job that she couldn’t be happier at and I am still at home applying for pretty much anything that even looks … Continue reading

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