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I Hate Computers

It is hard not to come to a conclusion on how a week is probably going to go when Monday manages to screw you over pretty hard.  I woke up this morning, drove Veronica into work (her car is receiving … Continue reading

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The Job Un-Fair

Have I told everyone how much I hate going to job fairs?  No really, have I gone off on this before?  I am sorry if I have, but today’s was a special kind of bad. First point of interest: I … Continue reading

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Veronica’s Craft Crap

Have you met my wife? My guess is that you have, because if you haven’t it is kind of creeping me out that you found this page in the first place. Well one of the first things that you quickly … Continue reading

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Dinner With Family

Yesterday we managed to get invited over to one of Veronica’s sisters’ houses, not the one that we normally go to, for dinner. Why anyone would find enjoyable to spend more time with either of us than required is beyond … Continue reading

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Let’s be honest, I am not going to get over the loss of Hurley anytime soon, so it is probably best if I just keep up with some of the updates that I had planned before he passed. There is … Continue reading

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