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Itty Bitty’s New Cage

There are two things that I am proud of in my marriage.  The first is that Veronica now enjoys the cold weather, or as she puts it, “Oh no… I am now one of you!”—which, thanks babe that makes me … Continue reading

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The New Thai Place

It is kind of hard to continue to find things to talk about in a life that basically takes me from work and back to my apartment in an average day.  The fact that the most exciting thing to happen … Continue reading

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The term meme literally refers to an idea that spreads like a virus. In colloquial use it is mainly used to talk about jokes used on the internet that all of your friends destroy your inbox with. For me, at … Continue reading

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Do the Drink

It might not mean much to others, but the truth of the matter is that our vending machine at work hasn’t had Mountain Dew in it for months and this has been bothering me. It isn’t so much that the … Continue reading

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