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Walking With a Towel

Veronica does not have a stressful job. She decides where flowers go for a new home, and in what quantity. As a matter of fact she loves her job; the problem is that there are people at her job that … Continue reading

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The Old New Thai Place

Sorry here is the story: Veronica has been hearing about me talk about the Thai place since the last update went up about it.  The place has become so popular with the people I hang out with at work that … Continue reading

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The Doctor’s Sub

So this week I had a Doctor’s appointment.  I was told that I needed to fast as my blood was going to be drawn.  Most of the time this isn’t really that big of a deal, don’t snack after dinner … Continue reading

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The Not So Much Ice Castle

Most people might not know this, but Veronica needed a vacation rather badly right around Valentine’s Day.  If most of you didn’t know, she was a florist, and even worst is the fact that she is now in the planning … Continue reading

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