Bear Feet

Being the sultan of timeliness, yet again, I have decided to talk about the trip that Veronica took to her mother’s house a couple of weeks ago.

The above picture is something random that appeared on the camera.  Two days after I had transferred all of the pictures to my computer my wife sat down and opened the image and promptly said, “Look Bubby!  Bear Feet!”  To which I groaned and tried to ignore it.  Deep down inside though I was thinking, “Bear feet… that is pretty good.”  I try to ignore it when she is funny and clever, I can’t let her have anything.

She also came back with prizes from the dollar store, the pictures of that adventure I have for some reason been told never to use (although last time that she hung out with her mom they almost got arrested so I am guessing it is something to do with crime), so the pictures of which I have taken at the apartment.

3-Dees Gummies is probably what the two of them are the proudest of walking away with.  I can’t really blame them on that account though; they are two of my favorite things, gummies and video games.  On the outside it looks like a home run, although I do have several complaints:

1     The box said that there would be 8 pieces inside.  There were six.  I know, it is from the dollar store and I should lower my standards.  But you know what, I can count and when you tell me 8 that is the number of snacks I want.

2     The back of the box said that there were four different shapes that the eatables would come in.  This would be great if I didn’t get one Donkey Kong and five Yoshis.

3     Finally, they had that cheap gummy slim that you get when the candy is either really old or not well made.  Considering that this was both I am impressed I didn’t get food poisoning.

More candy, and this time in the form of Marvel Taffy.  Once again another, “For a dollar” home run.  Once again a couple of questions and complaints that I have for the people that made this.

Mainly the placing of the flavors is odd.  Why isn’t Captain America Blue Raspberry?  Why is Iron Man the Mystery flavor, there is nothing that is really a mystery about Tony Stark, everyone in the Marvel Universe knows that Iron Man is Tony Stark.  If anyone should be a mystery flavor it should be Wolverine, but he is Strawberry for some unknown reason.

Speaking of Mystery Flavor, it’s watermelon.  That isn’t a mystery, or hard to guess.  Meat flavoring, that is a mystery.  Vodka and that Ghostbusters flavored Hi-C, that would be a mystery.  Watermelon is a flavor that is part of every candy rainbow which makes it really easy to guess and twice as disappointing.

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