The Chins

Chinchillas are cute, they are super soft, and they sing a soft song when they are happy.  They are also massive jerks.

Oddly my mom told me the other day that she was rather upset that I hadn’t been sharing that many images of my creatures.  Now I was kind of doing this out of respect to her constant reading, because I thought that it would be rather boring for everyone who isn’t me, but I guess it turns out that I do take requests when updating the site.

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8 Responses to The Chins

  1. Wifey says:

    Love the little guys, but still more excited about the rugs from the previous post! I love those rugs!

  2. Marylou says:

    My granchillas are beautiful,soft and sweet. But they poop all over.

  3. Wifey says:

    Have you nothing to say about the inheritance of my sweet rugs Marylou!?

  4. Marylou says:

    They are lovely rugs, Veronica. But if I know you, they will be in your house(insead of your Mom’s) next time I come to visit!

  5. BioMom says:

    Granchillas, the joy of grandmothering, I do not even know there names, I feel shame…..

  6. Wifey says:

    Chaz is the older and darker fury one. Hurley is younger and pale blond kinda red beedy eyed little fella…he is my favorite!

  7. nicktendo says:

    its nice to see your children on yeahtwins.

  8. Wifey says:

    Working with what we have got! Miss You Nick!

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