Children (Who Thankfully Aren’t Mine)

I know that this may be hard to believe, but at some point Veronica’s family decided that I was trustworthy enough to watch their children. They normally say things like I am “good with kids,” but I think it is more along the lines of them tossing them at me and yelling “not it!” as they run away to enjoy an entire weekend without smaller versions of themselves running around. I think I need to start locking my doors and parking the car in places that aren’t my driveway, at the very least to give the impression that we aren’t home.

The ones that are in the picture above are a new group, Veronica’s brother’s kids, and ones that I have only ever really met in passing before. The most interesting thing that I learned from this group of young ones is that when a professional photographer has kids they are clearly trained to stay perfectly still the moment that they hear a camera turn on. Not only that, but if they heard either Veronica or I start to take pictures they would suddenly appear in the room and start to pose for a shot. Children are weird.

Although at one point I did decide to build them the single best blanket fort that mankind has ever laid eyes on.

I don’t really know how that even started, but I know that when I was finished building it the thing contained two separate rooms, a light strip (because, you know, high drama), and a chair that they could sit in. I would like to think that I got carried away, but in all honesty I think it is more that I just wanted to win at building a blanket fort.

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