The Dairy

For most people Amsterdam is just some place that you pass through without much thought, and for the most part there isn’t really a lot here that would hold the average person for more than a couple of hours– at best.  Although there is one attraction that really needs to be pointed out on the off chance that any of you are in our neighborhood.

Mohawk Dairy

Now while a convenience store is probably the last thing that most people tell others that they “simply must see”, unless it is the one that Kevin Smith filmed Clerks in, I will go out on a limb here and say that this one is probably the place that can break that rule.  Oddly it isn’t really because of the people that work there, both Veronica and I have come very close to being yelled at by them, nor is there a huge selection of food, although it is bordering on becoming a straight up grocery store.  No, the reason that you need to stop there is the deli.

From the moment the doors to the store open, to the second that they close at night there is some kind of crazy fresh-cooked-ness back there.  In the morning they have breakfast sandwiches the likes of which one can only assume a king of some kind would eat, freshly made biscuits, eggs that seemingly just came off the grill, hand-sliced ham/fresh sausage, and cheese that the people there probably made at home that morning.  While the lunch menu changes every day, and so quickly it is harder to fall into love with any one thing, they are just as good.  Also pretty much everything there is cheaper than simply going out anywhere else to eat.

Trust me, next time that you pass through the area stop and get some of their amazing food, and as long as you don’t ask too many questions or take too much time the people can be pretty nice.

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