Towely Art

Veronica likes projects.  When we where in Europe everyone very quickly learned that she does nothing very poorly. So it is always good when she can continually figure out something to fill up those down hours of her life.

Recently she has been taking all of the junk mail that we have been receiving and gluing bits and pieces of it to the back of what I believe to be lumps of glass.  If that wasn’t odd enough she has taken to putting magnets on them so that they are the only thing on the front of our refrigerator.

Sure, at this point in my life I know that my wife is weird and likes to mass produce things when she finds an object that she enjoys making–that isn’t why I am posting this.  From what I understand she is quickly eating up most of the junk mail that we receive and this is becoming the bottle neck in the operation.  From this I have decided that I will make a plea to those to you who read this to keep her busy, for my sanity, and so that she can bombard you all with some of her new and rather interesting art when our fridge front is full up.

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