Let’s be honest, I am not going to get over the loss of Hurley anytime soon, so it is probably best if I just keep up with some of the updates that I had planned before he passed.

There is a magical place down here, a place that is composed only of meat and sells only the world’s highest grade animal products.  This place is called MEATLAND.  It is hard to miss the massive billboard for the place as you drive around, but I have dared never go; memories of Bill’s Discount Beverage still haunt my mind (although there are rumors that one can pick up a 15 pound box of premium bacon while there).

What I do know for a fact about MEATLAND is that Veronica disappeared for several hours the other day and returned home with her weight in food, most of it sausage and hamburger.  If my parents have taught the world anything about me it is that I really do enjoy myself a good steak/burger/meat.

Also I really love that someone named their store MEATLAND.  It makes me think it is like Neverland, but for meat.

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  • now all you need is rice,beans and veggies with a 50# bag of spuds. eat well

  • He forgot to mention the chicken, steak, and various cuts of meat that Rich and I sat and broke up into vacuum sealed packs while he was in the other room playing video games…. Daniel you really only observe what you want to in life. I’m just saying!

  • Mmmm… Meatland. A high point to visit when I come down next. Also, Andy says we need another trip to Bainbridge. Let’s see how thw VW behaves for awhile before I trust her for a three hour cruise.

  • I want to go to Bainbridge around my Birthday to get yeast! I want to sell bread to my family and friends down here!