Dinner With Family

Yesterday we managed to get invited over to one of Veronica’s sisters’ houses, not the one that we normally go to, for dinner. Why anyone would find enjoyable to spend more time with either of us than required is beyond me; but when free food is involved it is rather hard to tell someone no or ask questions.

Rather interestingly I learned something from this trip; my brother-in-law is an amazing cook, also his step-mother is of Asian descent. So for the first time, outside of my father’s cooking, someone made a wok cooked meal that I didn’t have to order as, “a number 10”. I don’t know if it was because they knew I was coming over, or it is just how they cook, but there were three giant bowls of food– all amazing.

I like to describe the entire cooking process the same way that Veronica describes Wi-Fi, magic. It was kind also of awesome to hear my wife try and grill someone for the process to make food and, while learning to do something like this is probably way beyond my skill of ever reaching I hope that my wife does manage to pick it up, that stuff was great.

Also it was fun because one of the other sisters got mad because she wasn’t invited over. I do enjoy holding something over someone else.

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