Veronica’s Craft Crap

Have you met my wife? My guess is that you have, because if you haven’t it is kind of creeping me out that you found this page in the first place. Well one of the first things that you quickly learn about the woman is that everything that she does is pretty organized, and I find no end to the amusement that I take making fun of her for it.

Well the other day she called me into the kitchen to show me something, and years of marriage have taught me that most of the time it is just easier to go with it and follow her than to come up with a valid reason based on safety or sanity. What she ended up showing me was the above cluster of supplies, which she was pointing and laughing at. It is kind of bad when even she sees something that she does and starts calling herself insane.

Yes everyone, you now know what our kitchen table looks like when Veronica decides to “go crafting”.

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