The Job Un-Fair

Have I told everyone how much I hate going to job fairs?  No really, have I gone off on this before?  I am sorry if I have, but today’s was a special kind of bad.

First point of interest: I went with Chuck.  My mom refers to him as bacon guy.  Oddly this nickname comes from the fact that we are all fairly sure that if asked he could manage to “bacon up” pretty much any food product at any time, he would probably be happy doing it too.

Second point of interest: This job fair was at Veronica’s old college, the one before she went to Potsdam were she fell madly in love with me.  No, this one was at the community college that she went to and met all of the weird people that she is constantly hanging out with down here.

Third point of interest: This was less of a job fair and more of a fair for people who had jobs and wanted to gloat at the unemployed.  That probably sounds insane, but it isn’t.  This is the first time that I have ever gone to one of these events and been scolded by someone for handing them my resume.  This wasn’t because my resume was incorrect in any way, or on fire or smelling of poop, it was because I had to fill out one of their application… online… which the person openly admitted they probably wouldn’t get to because they get SOOOO MANNYYYYYYYY.

Also worth noting on the third point: Some of the places that did have jobs weren’t looking to hire at this event, which they paid real world money to have a booth at.  This was more of an informational gathering area to let everyone know that they would be at another job fair where they would be having interviews and if we wanted a job we would have to go to that one.  Also, please don’t hand them a resume because that is more for the next week thing. So… two places actively not looking to hire during this.

One final thing, not at a place that I applied too as much as one that I overheard a college kid trying to apply to was this, “Yeah, don’t really have any openings.”  Question: WHY DID ANY OF YOU SHOW UP?

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  • So proud you are out there trying! And the t-shirt ad on the site tonight is really awesome! They have a chinchilla shirt!