A Walk Through Nature

For a while now Veronica has been trying to force me to go outside and take a walk during the day, she says that it is so I can get some “fresh air” but I honestly think that it is just so she can keep telling herself that I am not a “shut-in” (which I do not have the beard for, yet).  Honestly, I am starting too really like taking them as they are becoming some of the better parts of my day–do not tell her that.

The area around Albany has always fascinated me by the way that there can be sprawling tracks of people, and then right around the corner have these very nice areas of forest where you can kind of forget that there is population on every side.  This one place that I have kind of “discovered” (although Veronica has told me about how awesome it is repeatedly, once again please don’t tell her she was right twice) is a nice park with a calm stream running alongside of it.  Even though I have to dash across roads twice during the adventure to and from there it is a nice center chunk that is super relaxing to just be around.

Also it is a great time of year to walk through the woods because, as my wife would put it, “the trees are putting their clothes back on!”  This gives me the option of feeling like the journey is just a little different from the one that I took 24 hours before.  Who knew that nature could be kind of fun?
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