The New Thai Place

It is kind of hard to continue to find things to talk about in a life that basically takes me from work and back to my apartment in an average day.  The fact that the most exciting thing to happen to me this week was that we discovered that a new Thai food restaurant had opening very close and was, sadly, cause to literally jump for joy in the break room.  If that isn’t depressing enough for everyone involved who is reading this I decided that the best thing would be to document just what I ate there.  I never said that these were going to be interesting adventures, but I get yelled at when I don’t update.

My theory when you go to someplace new is that you order what someone who knows they are doing gets, this goes double if you go to a random nationality based eatery.  I think I have been to a Thai place twice in my life, and that was in Plattsburgh—so the stuff that they are serving down here is 1, probably the 1000 time closer to the country of origin and 2, like comparing a hotdog to a well cooked German sausage.  That ended me up with the Tofu soup pictured above and some kind of curry that started with an M.  The only thing that was really impressive about the soup is that it is the only time that I didn’t instantly hate tofu—not because it is a plant that tries very hard to me a meat but because it has the texture of what I assume all food in hell feels like.  Also I don’t think I stressed my confusion enough on the fact that the meal came with soup, because the meal came with soup.  I felt like I needed to be driven in a Rolls Royce by a British Butler and still have this cause my monocle to drop out of my eye in surprise.

The curry was curry, if you like that kind of thing this place is worth a visit. If you don’t you are missing some pretty good curry, but nothing that is going to change your life or view on it.

Now that is over can we talk about why Thai places always put nuts in their food?  I don’t have a nut allergy or anything, but when I am eating rice and meat, maybe a potato and some onions with spices, you get a certain kind of texture going with the meal.  If you haven’t skipped ahead a couple of hundred words you know that I have a thing about food textures.  Nuts are not the same feel as anything that you cook in the rest of the meal.  For that matter everything else in this dish lends flavor to everything else, the onions have a hint of curry and chicken if you demand an example.  Nuts, on the other hand, always taste about the same – cooked or not.  It isn’t even like I can sit there and say that the food had a “hint” of nut in it.  I am pretty sure that things need to cook for a rather longer period of time to achieve that, this was made in about 5 minutes in a wok.

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  • My favorite comment is that what you ate started with an M. And I never realized that you had food texture issues. Good thing Dad doesn’t cook with nuts.