The Doctor’s Sub

So this week I had a Doctor’s appointment.  I was told that I needed to fast as my blood was going to be drawn.  Most of the time this isn’t really that big of a deal, don’t snack after dinner and skip breakfast—problem solved.  For some reason Veronica has decided that it is going to be her mission to start making all kinds of food that are amazing and snack orientated and leave hints of them around the apartment.  That is fine, I can ignore that when needed, but the problem is when her and Stark both walk into the room and say things like, “This is really good, you should try some.”  It is a mistake the first time, after the fourth I think that they were doing it to mock me.

The problem became that the Doctor ended up having zero interest in taking my blood, so there really wasn’t a reason for any of it, although he was rather concerned when I mentioned having polycystic kidneys and basically insisted that I go and see if they could get me in for an ultrasound that day.  You know what?   Not eating for 16 hours is entirely paid off by getting to call into work all day on a Wednesday.

Another upside: I had a couple of hours to kill which meant that I could stop at the deli place 25 yards from Veronica’s work that she will never stop talking about how awesome it is.  In the history of her enjoying that place she has brought me a sub home one time, and it was a hot sandwich that had managed to become room-temperature-disappointing.  This time was going to be different though, mainly because I kept telling the guy who was making my future favorite thing that I totally trusted him as a sandwich artist to make something amazing, and to surprise me.

There are a couple of times in my life that I am disappointed that my Grandmother is dead.  When we moved down here was one of them, I am sure that she would love me stopping in 10 times a week just to hug her and see if she needed anything.  This sub place is another great example of it.  There are many things that you can say about that woman; one of the truest is that she really enjoyed food.  Veronica and I once bought the woman a meatball sub from Subway and I thought she was going to start crying.  I honestly think that I had brought her here she would have found a way to stand up and start dancing.

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