The Old New Thai Place

Sorry here is the story:

Veronica has been hearing about me talk about the Thai place since the last update went up about it.  The place has become so popular with the people I hang out with at work that we have forgone all other forms of eating out in favor of going there.  Considering that she is, for some reason, becoming increasingly involved with their Facebook lives it has been a point of contention for the last couple of weeks in the house—mainly because she has been dying for some place to go and really good eat Pad Thai (for those of you who don’t know, that is all she ever orders if given the chose).

To make matters all the worse is that last weekend Stark and I ended up going there, mainly because Veronica’s mother was in town and for some reason feels weird if everyone she meets doesn’t go out to lunch on her.  Calling Stark a cautious eater would be an understatement.  Granted, in the past I have been able to bet him money to eat terrible, terrible food that no human should have made in the first place, but when going out to eat he normally prefers to enjoy what he is ingesting instead of simply “suffering through it.”  I think that the fact that he had tofu soup and enjoyed it, and that was the low part of the meal for him, speaks volumes for the place.

Then, on Wednesday, Veronica was working from home because crazy stuff was going down at her place of business and it is always best practice to avoid as much crazy as possible when given the option to.  After repeatedly trying to tell me and several of my co-workers that she was entirely too busy to do anything besides sit on her bed and be depressed about doing work she was finally broken into going with a single, well placed email.  To quote her after her first bite, “I am never grocery shopping again; we are just going to eat here from now on.”

Below is the entire email from my co-worker that finally forced her to give in and go:

My Dearest Veronica,

I write this in hopes that you will grant a wish of mine which overwhelms my existence at this very moment.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to venture out to the mecca of sustenance for divine Thai food.

My hope is I can fulfill my need for this deliciousness through you!

Subliminal messages are being sent as we speak directly related to drunken noodles.

This is a plea is for you to join your husband for lunch today………… said establishment of fine cuisine.

Please stay open minded as you will thank me in the end……………JUST DO IT!


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