Let Me Tell You About Veronica’s Birthday

The beginning of the month Veronica decided that it was needed to turn another year older, which is strange because it seems that given the choice most people would probably become younger than continue becoming less cool.  Either way it was pretty much a sure thing that this year’s events were going to be interesting considering that I had lost my job roughly the week before.

One of my favorite parts about this birthday was that I had already bought her a birthday present, pretty much exactly what she had stated that she wanted—an Elton John record—the problem with that being that she had gotten home before the day it arrived and opened the mail.  On seeing that the record she had randomly asked for had arrived she put it on the record player and informed me that it was a great present, although she was going to demand a “do over” because she wanted another one.  I don’t know many marriages in the world where the wife can simply demand another present and it is kind of unspoken that another will arrive, but this is Veronica and Mother’s Day was approaching so I try to do as I am told.

For the dinner part of the celebration I need to explain that my significant other netted herself a gift certificate to a restaurant called “Chez Mike’s”.  From what we have been told in the past that eatery was amazingly good, but cost an arm and a leg to dine there—mainly because they had a real chef and were aware of that local artists could be used instead of painting the walls.  Even though the cost of most of the stuff was high the person that had given Veronica the gift card had put an insane amount on it, and both of us basically figured, “Screw it, order way too much food”.

This concept started out with ham wrapped shrimp and salads.  The shrimp was giant and awesome, but my real concern is that I seem to remember a handful of years ago when a salad was something that pretty much either came with the meal or was a buffet type thing that one could attack.  I don’t really know when in the last decade people decided that it was cool to start charging 8 dollars for lettuce and dressing, but everyone really needs to stop doing that.  Salad is something you eat to make your mother feel better about your eating habits because you ate something other than candy and pizza, not the majority of an hour working.

We also got dessert.  Mine was a fresh brownie with ice cream.  Veronica described what she got as “burnt sugar”.  Under that description I am pretty sure that I won.

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  • BURNT SUGAR…. Daniel you missed the whole point of that being my FAVORITE PART!!!

  • You are correct. Every time you eat a salad, you make me happy. Even when it costs $8.00.

  • glad to see you updated- it is alive!

  • I like it, I think there needs to be a part 2. What was the second suprise. and what was the main course. I think I wil stick to Chineeeeeees

  • Thunder……..your spirit remains amongst these shallow cube walls!
    Glad to here even though you’re a little down on your luck…….the wife is still treated as #1.

    No doubt karma is coming back around and will guide you to a much better place of employment.


  • I don’t know who you are Zeus, but I like you already. Thank you for your good wishes for Thunder.