Veronica, Hero of the Day

I don’t always update the site a lot.  The problem being that not a ton of stuff ever really happens that is worth the odd 500ish words that I could throw out about it, which is even sadder because my parents are convinced that I should update twice a day.  The thing is my life just happened to be interesting yesterday, not enough for two updates—just one.

Stark has been living with us for a while now, trying to procure a job in an area that he didn’t go to High School with most of the people that will be interviewing him.  Also it might help if there were jobs that he could apply to, thus the idea for him to move down here.  Since that hasn’t been going well with the search in the local area he recently applied to one of the local ARCs as an attempt to broaden the search a smidge.  Since that was at the other end of Troy and he doesn’t own a car, and I am unemployed, I was more than happy to drive him.

Before we talk about how stupid I am that I let my car battery die while I was waiting for Stark to get out of his massively long interview, I just want to talk about how amazing my wife is:

Did you know that she is so loved at her job that she can simply say, “I have to go rescue my husband,” and that is an acceptable thing?  She walked up to her boss and told him what happened, and I am assuming after a good amount of laughter at my expense borrowed a set of jumper cables and drove into middle of nowhere Troy to make sure that Stark and I could get home.

Also, after that, she went grocery shopping and cooked dinner.  So it wasn’t enough to just be the hero of the day, she also had to be the wife of the week.

That entire making fun of me thing, I am sure, will go on in the comments.  No need to me mention anything else.

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  • You don’t own jumper cables?

  • 1.We already knew Veronica is awesome.
    2.Horray that Dan had an interview.
    3.Veronica has AAA. Make a phone call when she arrives to rescue.
    4.You do not update enough.
    5.We do enjoy your blog.
    6. Did I mention Veronica has an awesome boss?

  • Article was not necessary… The look on my face explains it all!

  • Thunder…..your a hero in your own way. Still waiting for you to rock the Thunder Cats hat we found online.
    The real question is who knew how to put the cables on?

    My vote goes to your wifey……..who certainly has superhero characteristics.


  • I don’t know who is more Blessed, you or Veronica. PS. Two updates a day would be nice