A New Beer Stein

So this might not be the world’s most exciting update, but for me it was probably the most interesting thing that has happened in my life in weeks:

Basically it all started when a friend of mine came to visit last weekend and was not impressed with the middling beer that I drink on a regular basis.  It seems that for some people out there it isn’t enough to just gather a buzz and maintain, mainly on something that tastes as close to water as you can manage, but the act of drinking itself could be something enjoyed and not just acted upon.  I always thought that was the point of watching terrible movies with unimpressive beer, to make both the forgettable experiences sort of blend together into something that you may be able to think back on fondly, but since I was entertaining I was kind of obligated to make them comfortable.

In an effort to do what I could to make up for the crap domestic beer that I keep stocked in the house I quickly pulled together a trip to the local beverage center.  I have talked about this place before when I took Stark there and he described it as, “Willy Wonka’s, but with beer”.  I have even pointed out some of the stranger farm animal based booze that they carry.  At no point, though, have I ever noticed something as wondrous as a stein that contains a free giant beer.

The fact is that this update has almost nothing to do with hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in years, or even watching so many terrible movies I thought that my brain would surely give up on me and attack my lungs, should say something. This update is about the greatest thing that I have ever found, the world’s best mug, an amazing vessel that can contain over a quart of beer.

I do have to admit that after noticing my new best friend (the cup and not the person I was entertaining) I was rather reluctant to buy it.  It was almost comically oversized, it was Oktoberfest themed (this being November that was simply a faux pas), and it is hard in my mind to justify to my wife why I would always look like a cartoon character when I was drinking anything.  The more I think about it the odder it seems that people hang out with me, because I am pretty sure that I walked around the store for the better part of ten minutes mumbling to myself into and out of buying the thing before walking up to the counter and shamefully hand it and my cash over.

Special bonus that I learned from reading the beer can!

The can had a description on the side of it of exactly what Oktoberfest is, how it started, and why people still celebrate it today.  I guess about 200 years ago a royal couple got married in Germany and invited the entire local population to attend.  The populous thought that it was such an amazing event that the plebeians did it again the next year, even though no one was getting married, and have repeated doing it every year since.  In my mind this is sort of like how Veronica now has friends that come to the pig roast every year after we explain to them that was basically what our wedding was.

Comments 8

  • That stein is totally epic. I love how you had to put 2 or 3 regular beers into it to make it not look ridiculous. Plus, the free beer that came with it was pretty tasty!

  • like a wedding the pig roast is an annual celibration with friend’s and family. that mug looks like a liter size so two 12 oz. should fit eh?

  • you can get almost four beers into it. Three fills it to the line where it is at in the second picture.

  • I do not understand the beer mug at all. What more do you need than a large shot glass?

  • Mom has the right idea! That mug intimidates me.
    I need a good bourbon with or without the shot glass is fine by me!

  • 3 12 0z beers = 36 oz. If your mug almost holds four beers then we could guestimate it holds around 40 oz. Basically it’s like drinking a 40 from a glass but with class and a firm man grip!

  • Drinking beer from comically oversized glass mugs is the time-honored tradition of my people. Welcome to an amazing culture of decadence.

  • Beer Stien brining such joy and inspired writting, I think you should have gotten 2