Four things that I have learned while traveling

As you can see, everyone just parks in any direction that they feel like

1: No one in Europe knows how to drive. Any conversation you may have with anyone at any time arguing otherwise was wrong. European Rally Racing and other really impressive feats of skill with cars are all people they have imported from other countries.

Me, not emo, standing infront of the world’s sadest sun

2: Everyone in Europe is no less then 42% Emo. This was originally designed as a way to confuse America tourists, but backfired and created the American Goth. As shown above this can be seen in their art work, as none of it makes sense and paint is just non-caringly thrown at the canvis. As you can see this confuses most normal, handsome, and witty people.

3: Veronica is weird in everyone country. Just because I dragged her all the way across the pond and started showing her everything that she could ever dream of seeing, she is still really bizarre and could possibly do anything at any moment. One should be wary of this.

He has come to take your children… On a safe, enjoyable ride

4: People are really quick to make you question your sanity. Was that just a devil like being that I saw raising out of the marry-go-round? The simplest, safest, happiest ride in the world?

It even has a bunch of tenticles that reach around the entire area.

Only if that is a boss from Mario Sunshine made real and hanging out on the beach.

I will be back tomorrow with a much longer article that features even more confusing, and possibly emotionless, art.

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  • hrrrmmm.. I’m not really sure where to start… I agree with Handsome and Witty.. but normal? You are my nephew, right?? Normal? in Gillman genes…??? c’mon…

    And that last pic.. you have me guessing in the wind.. but it looks like a Chef got too carried away with his egg whites.. and made a big meringue thingy…

    The other one you’re supposed to get/win a cookie for guessing.. looks like a big bird on a stOopid square column. I know of a few youngsters that at least would paint the bird YELLOW…. sorry .. prolly b4 your time 😉

    love you,

  • I don’t think Normal is what I am getting myself into on October 6th! At least I hope not.