France, The Lorient

To save you all from the same adventures we have been having, at what seems like every single port that we have managed to stop into, I will give you the interesting weird highlight of this one.

And the Amish are creepy even in France. It is the truth

Around five this afternoon I heard some really weird noise coming from outside.  I asked Veronica if she heard it, she said no.  I went to the window to check what the racket was.  Wasn’t I impressed when I find an Amish band with a ton of dancing Amish people.  Who knew, they were scattered everywhere!  The Amish, not bands.

It doesn’t look like she approves of their happy dance.  Poor Amish.

The reason that Veronica looks a little disapproving at this point is because they woke her up from a nap.

It isn’t that I saw them coming out, just that I couldn’t see them not.  I have problems.

I didn’t see them show up, but I can only guess that they all showed up in that one car.  Amish are a form of clown, aren’t they?

It isn’t a series of waves, but one giant wave.

Just for you, the constant reader, my view for the next two days, until I arrive in Germany and get ready to leave Europe.

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  • Are the Amish allowed to dance?Were you supposed to throw coins? That did seem very strange, but a perfect update to your site. Looking forward to seeing you soon.