Simpsons Sunday!

The hills are alive, with the sound of hippies

Veronica has fled her home for the more dangerous task of dealing with friends and family, leaving me here to deal with the evils of Iron Man Sunday with my only hope for turning this day into something positive resting on the Simpsons.

Side Note: The Simpsons are an amazing show that may have lived well past their prime, with a movie coming out that would have been 20 times more profitable if released 8 years ago and may only be saved because rumors have abounded of several writers for Mystery Science Theatre working on the script. To try and rally this side note to the direction it was intended, and still keep it in whatever confines a paragraph can be brought to, I bring up the fact that they are marketed all over the world.  Interesting considered that most of their goods in other countries are entirely boot-legged, and not a single channel that we found on the entire trip seemed to carry them.

Additional Side Note with less relevance the the previous: Going to force myself to see every movie that I missed this summer in the span of several days.  This will either finally drive me off the edge of reason, or bring me to the brink of greatness.  Lots of edges involved in this entire exchange…  Lots of comic books and video games to catch up now too.