Three pictures plus another

People keep coming back to this blog for some random reason.  I don’t update, but I do post terrible pictures of my wife.  Today is no exception.

My mom loves this picture because you don’t notice her

This was Christmas dinner at my parents house.  Notice if you will, the way that Veronica instantly knew how to pose for the camera.  Hints onto why I love her.


Veronica some how managed to find the box set of M*A*S*H that wasn’t even supposed to exist any more after it started killing all kinds of sales for every other kind of box set.  She clearly somehow managed to find a Best Buy that ignored all recalls and kept selling versions of things that were either dangerous or had lost law suits due to terrible words I won’t use here.

Piles of eaten chicken wings prove our manliness!

What update would be complete without mentioning nick looking super awesome?  The answer is none.

The true bonus is capturing both Evan and the hidden Jordan

The elusive Evan seen here as a bonus for loyal readers.

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