Been busy

You can see the excitement in Jordan’s face

I know that I haven’t really updated the website for a couple of weeks.  The secret is that I have recently started a real job (shock) and that I am even more secretly management with several forms of responsibility, none of them are in any way “important” (awe).

This means that I have been eating a ton of food at the local Subway (eat fresh) that happens to be roughly 100 feet(s) away from work.  At some point Jordan figured out that I needed to eat and will randomly show up around lunch and get the freshest of fresh subs with I.

Most of the times you get a normal straw when you get a soda, but sometimes you get a weirdly bent straw that kind of just jumps out of the wrapper at you the moment the package is open.  Jordan didn’t throw up his arms and go “woooooeeeee!!!” in a crazy kind of wavy voice as much as he said “huh”, but I could totally tell that he wanted to.