Finding time

You can see the anger

The most interesting thing about going back to work after being amazingly unemployed for several months is how hard it is to find time to do anything besides stare at the wall and wonder softly to yourself, “Why am I still awake?”

Granted this is sure to pass after I stop picking up shifts from every person who can’t come in due to the plague that seems to be going around, or simply when I don’t have to drive half an hour to get to and from work, or simply when the constant stream of people asking the most random questions that they can think of no longer phases me.  It seems after sinking roughly 80  hours into the store it seems that it is starting to pass, besides the customers that just are either blatantly lying about something or the ones that seem ready to start a fight for some reason.

To entirely change the topic, Veronica seems to have caught the plague.  I keep telling her to stop moving about and fighting off the forces of ninjas but she won’t.  I believe tonight I might have gotten her to stay still by telling her that she had taped episodes of drunken midgets and flocks of babies.  I have no idea what those shows are about but it seemed to cause her to sit still for several hours.

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  • Next time you have the puking shits I am taking pictures of you and posting them! I have the Death Cold and your gonna pay for that picture buddy!!!